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May 29, 2019

The party sits in the aftermath of Grimoire's strange test and discover a mysterious and powerful magic beneath the inn. 

"Industrial Music Box"
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May 22, 2019

Following the scuffle with the furnishings of the Halfway Inn, Arakiel, Sean, and Pribi descend into the basement of the unnerving inn. What they find there puts the three of them into an unusual and uncomfortable position with the fate of innocents in their hands.  

Kevin MacLeod (

May 16, 2019

After an unsettling encounter with the world-traveler Grimoire, the party ventures to the Halfway Inn. Hopefully its bed will provide the perfect place to get some much needed rest after a long day on the road. 

Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution...

May 8, 2019

Waking up from their dream-like adventure in the Fey, Arakiel, Sean, and Pribi receive a summons from the Duchess of Faragos. The trio convenes for breakfast to decide their next course of action.

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